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Who's behind

Not your mom. 👩‍🦳

Why did you make that website ?

Got drunk. 🍺 Wanted to make something I could be really proud of.
I needed to make a project about something I really care of. And the answer was way too obvious. I care for boobs. Don't we all?!
So came out. For the love of titties. Forever & Always.
(And cause I can...)

Why only women boobs and no men boobs?

Is that a real question ❓

I wanna share my boobs !

You're the real GOAT 🐐 ! (Greatest Of All Time)
In order to share your nice tits, well, you must be 18. Then, just take a nice picture of you, with clothes, underwear, or naked. Whatever makes you comfy! Your cleavage must be visible (that's the whole point of the website lol) and submit it for review !
Your country and age are optionnal.

Click here to add your boobs.
You're degrading the image of women !

The pictures are actually sent by women who wants to be on there. 🤘🏼 All pictures are verified before being online. Faces are blurred if necessary to protect their identity.
So nope. I'm not. Sorry not sorry.

How can you thank me for that wonderful website ?

Send nudes ! 🥳

You can also send me BTC at this address 1PygAELVtFYgZVBk26gmPYe5d5gJoxtErx (BTC Address)

Or Dogecoin at this address DKFbZDEsVngwS1acpAn9SHHgR1UR19RSdh (dogecoin Address)

Need to contact me ?